Aloha and Welcome……Heartbeats Spoken Here

Drum Making

Our Mission:
To provide experiences of the Drum from a cross-cultural perspective for the purposes of education, cultural restoration, indigenous language preservation, environmental integrity, personal empowerment, healing, and peace. Respectfully using the drum to give voice, reflective of and responsive to our own hearts…

Our Vision:
To grow in awareness that each of us are Unique Individual Expressions of Spirit.
Through connecting with our own ancestral roots while embracing Diversity, DrumSpeak activities affirm, honors, supports, expands knowing ourselves and expressing our Selves creatively as LOVE in commune-ity ways.

Life is a ceremony when we pray it to be……..

I le’a ka hula I ka ho’opa’a ….the people dance because of the drum.


I mohala no ka lehua I ke ke’eke’ehi ‘ia e ka ua…..

The lehua blossom unfolds when the rains tread on it

(offer encouragement, people need nurturing as flowers need water)


Drum Circle in Trees