Drum Making Gatherings

We gather to make and bring forward one’s own drum in a prayer way, while gaining understanding and deepening in the power of the circle. We may come together one on one or in a group of varied sizes. Each is a gift of Spirit.

During our time together we share for educating and experiencing the use of drums as a medicine/musical instrument, meditation path, journey work for guidance and visioning. In the creative process of drum making, natural occurring experiences often include a sense of wellbeing, healing, cultural restoration, community and team building.

The structure of the workshop is created intentionally over a 2 day period. The spiritual work of drum making is done in the mornings when we are still fresh from the dreamtime, and the physical work of drum making done in the afternoons.

By the end of the 2 day gathering, you not only have a beautiful wood frame and leather stretched drum with drumstick, but also an experiential understanding of ways to increase/integrate its uses within your life and with others.