Global Drumming in Prayer and Celebration…

Establishing an International Drumming Day

March 3, Annually since 2006

Our Hawaii locations activities often span over 3-5 days


Drum For Earth

Drum For all Waters

Drum For Peace

Drum For Life and all relations

Drum For Sacred Sites

Drum with Prayer, with song, with heart for healing

Drum for your own hearts passions, drum for courage

Drum to Preserve the Pristine

We're all in this together
Drum at sunset

Coming together simultaneously and remotely to experience multi-cultural, diverse ways of Drumming worldwide in the Spirit of Peace, Unity, Cultural Restoration, Healing, Love, and Compassion.

Whether we take the day in Celebration with the Drum in a community setting, in quiet reflection of our own hearts, or dedicated in care and protection of specific areas or elements, you are invited to create a gathering and pin it on the map.  Just fill out the information on the Contact page including specifics in the message you would like to share about your gathering or event.  We will add you to the map on the right so when others view your location; a window will drop down for shared info and location of your event plan.

You are invited to join us at our Hawaii location for 2015, see our DrumSpeak program activities on the map for more details.

E waikahi ka pono I manalo

It is well to be united in thought that all may have peace.

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