3-Fold Path of Action

Monthly Drum Circle.

We gather in a ceremonial prayer way for an experiential evening with drum as a journey pathway. Together, we create a container of love and respect for healing, inspiration, witnessing and community building to occur. This is a time for conscious awakening for self, place on earth, and to help shift awareness of personal actions to a lifestyle that is sustaining to all life, all relations.

This practice deepens in time and is highly inclusive in nature.

All are Welcome, no experience necessary.


Drum Making Gatherings.

Woven within the 2 day structure of our time together we empower ourselves with others as Drum Carriers, while gaining understanding and deepening in the power of the circle. We address the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of drum making.

You will complete with your beautiful handcrafted leather and wood frame drum with drumstick, gaining experiences integrating its uses for medicine songs and to aid with personal guidance and mindfulness.
We purpose our time together for healing, cultural restoration, recovery, community and team building.


Establishing an International Global Drumming Day.

We gather annually on March 3rd for International Global Drumming Day.

We are living in vital times to care for Earth and her elements. To increase respect, bridge differences for peace and understanding, compassion and awareness. We come together in community through the drum…sharing drum prayers and songs in diverse cultural ways, with focus recognizing immediate needs for balance.
We gather to bring about healing though extending in Love… to connect globally with our heartbeat, with others, and with earth. We share with drum in song prayer ways for harmony, unity, peace, and celebration.